Total players registered: 811

Section Max Rating Players Spots Left
Kindergarten n/a 37 No size limit
1st Grade n/a 80 No size limit
2nd Grade n/a 85 No size limit
3rd Grade n/a 152 No size limit
4th Grade n/a 139 No size limit
5th Grade n/a 127 No size limit
6th Grade n/a 87 No size limit
Middle School U1100 1100 51 No size limit
Middle School Reserve U1500 1500 27 No size limit
Middle School Open (2 Day Event - USCF Membership Required) n/a 16 No size limit
I Love Chess Too - Kindergarten - 3rd Grade n/a 1 No size limit
I Love Chess Too - 4th - 6th Grade n/a 0 No size limit
I Love Chess Too - 9th Grade - Adult n/a 9 No size limit

Registration Fee (per registrant) Contact Information

Increases to:
$85.00 on Apr 11 2017, 12:00am
For registration questions, email Ben Radin - for all other questions please email Rick Jorgensen

Event Date Registration Cutoff

The event will be held on Apr 29 2017, 8:45am.

Registration cutoff is on Apr 28 2017, 4:00pm. After the cutoff you may register on the wait list (you will not be charged at this time).

Notes from the Event Director
For detailed information about Elementary and Middle school championships, please visit:
Tacoma Convention Center